A Downright Cozy Girls’ Getaway Plan For A Snowy Wisconsin Day

One of my favorite girl getaway ideas ever is a perfect plan for a girls trip to Wisconsin in mid-winter. It is during this season in the state that the snow abounds and many gals want nothing more than to simply cozy up and stay warm. My plan involves exactly that, and can be done at any lodgings, really (a vacation rental is definitely my favorite choice–and it should be stocked with kitchen tools for the best outcome); it is also a wonderful vacation that requires little money.

Here is my very basic plan. Of course, you are welcome to embellish, add to, or subtract from it however you wish. Remember, the key to this plan’s success is that you and your girlfriends will enjoy it.

First, you must find a cozy place to stay. There are many Wisconsin getaway packages that would be perfect for a group of girlfriends…find a place that suits your party. As I had previously mentioned, a vacation rental is my favorite for this type of girls getaways–you will soon see why.

Next, plan the trip. My favorite activities to do on a cozy and relaxed vacation is to bring books, pedicure supplies, a couple of good movies, sweat shirts, and chocolate chips. With these simple ingredients, you can create the getaway of a lifetime that no one will forget.

Wisconsin getaways certainly do not need to be all about touring the state. Instead, stay right inside your own room and enjoy a cozy weekend with all your friends. After sleeping in in the morning, enjoy a muffin or two with fruit and orange juice. Follow that with a homemade pedicure–soaking your toes together in a warm bath with epsom salts, massaging each other’s feet, and finishing off the project by painting each other’s toenails. This is an incredibly fun way to fill your day in the cabin, especially on a snowy day.

Next up on the agenda is to make a nice batch of chocolate cookies. Of course, if you forgot to take a trip to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients, you can always purchase the cookie dough available at any grocer. Please do not forget the hot chocolate or the milk, whichever you and your girls prefer. If it would help your consciences, buy a salad for lunch before you head home to make the cookies.

One last thing to buy while you are out: a really girly movie. Hardly anything is more fun than to watch a girls-only movie with your best friends while munching on cookies. In fact, rent several and hang out late into the night!

These basic ideas for do-it-yourself Wisconsin girl geteways are perhaps some of the most amusing and heart-to-heart times that girls can have. While a touring getaway is often exciting and filled with adventure, sometimes just hanging out with the gals is the best way to relax and unwind. What better place to do it than in Wisconsin over a cold snowy winter weekend?

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